Linked Artificial Intelligence
Each new day comes with important reports on disintegration of civility and safety, on permanent slaught of mean- spirited impulse running amok an unparalled bursts of scientific studies on emotion, where the glimpses of the brain when working, are making a possible change by using innovation by using succesul practical methods.

“An introduction was made visible for the first time in human history in what has always been a source of deep mystery, specifing exactly how this intricate mass of cells operates while we think and feel, imagine and dream.”

This flood of neurobiological data lets people understand more clearly how the brain’s centers emotion, that are moving them to rage or to tears, and also determining how ancient parts of the brain, which stir us, are channeling people for better or worse.

“This unprecedented clarity on the working of emotions and their failings brings into focus some fresh remedies from our collective emotional crisis. “

Now science is finally able to speak to these urgent perplexing questions of the psyche at its most irrational, to map with some precision at the human heart.